Protect Your Valuables...

Passports & ViSA details

Marriage certificates

Emergency Cash

USB With Photos

Family heirlooms

Medical Records


Birth Certificates


Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Fire Retardant (1100°C)

Fire Retardant (1100°C)

Independently Tested By Australian Laboratories

Independently Tested By Australian Laboratories

Water Resistant

Fire Retardant (1100°C)

Independently Tested By Australian Laboratories

The time to prepare is now

Grab & Go Emergency Bag

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Grab & Go Emergency Bag

FREE SHIPPING – 1 FOR $29.95 OR 2 FOR $50


Bulk deal
Quantity Fixed price
2 $25.00
Bulk pricing will be applied to package:
Free Shipping – 1 FOR $29.95 OR 2 FOR $50*

Grab & Go Bag Dimensions:

27.6cm Width, 38cm Height

Bushfire Preparation points

During a state of emergency, particularly a wildfire, you may not have the time, or the frame of mind required to build, arrange and pack a functional bug out bag. We provide an additional layer of protection, a fireproof bag specifically designed as the last line of defence. If you bug-out and run, then our fire resistant bag may save those documents you need to prove ownership, or claim insurance.

We have years of experience in the preparedness game, and as we have seen in forest fires rip across states at lightning speed. One scenario that is rarely anticipated is that you may not have access to your car. If this happens, and the fire takes it, you may want to have your license and registration, in the glove compartment of your car, where it is both accessible during everyday travel – and can keep your valuables safer when you aren’t nearby.

The CDC says ‘Be Prepared’ – COVID-19 was just on the horizon when they issued that statement. It was at this moment that most of us realized just how unprepared we were.


We believe you should be ready for the next catastrophic event, not wishing you were prepared.

We help in preparing go-bags with a list of items specific to fire.

 Supply list: [1]

Air Supply

  • Air Filtration Masks – AT LEAST 1 PER USER. – We recommend 3M N95 reusable masks. [2]

Water and Water Filtration

  • Portable filtration system [3]
  • We would also recommend a bottle of chilled water in the refrigerator that is rotated into your normal water consumption cycle. If it is left behind then no foul, but it’s a smart move to have it there if you need it.


  • Rations and a fishing kit 
  • Cookies
  • A bush cooking kit / gasless fire starter kit.
  • Basic food utensils

First Aid

    • Burn gel
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • Antiseptic wipes
    • anti-bacterial wipes.
    • Painkillers
    • Gauze pads
    • Sunscreen
    • Bush Insect Repelant
    • Medical gloves
    • Instrument kit: A kit filled with necessary medical instruments and supplies can be useful in a myriad of ways. A comprehensive kit should include scissors, forceps, safety pins, and medical tape.
    • Bandages and Band-Aid
    • First aid instructions: It’s all well and good to have a comprehensive first aid kit, but what about situations in which instructive care is needed? A good bug out bag should include first aid instructions, including CPR tips, and steps required for other basic injury care.

In our opinion, when you are faced with a forced evacuation it is wise to keep a photocopy of your passports and insurance, as well as copies of emergency contact details.

Which supplies are in your first aid kit?

A complete list can be found here [4] and here [5]

Why do we need emergency kits?

People have been surprised by emergencies such as bush fire since the dawn of civilization, those that were prepared were more likely to survive – survival of the fittest sometimes means survival of the smartest. A home emergency kit provides another layer of protection for your valuables, an additional step to ensure the security of your property, and sometimes necessary documents. 

What else can I do to ensure emergency preparedness?

Red Cross dot org provides a comprehensive process assisting in your preparedness for a myriad of evacuation scenarios . Check them out here [6]

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