Ten impacts of the Australian bushfires

2019-2020 saw one of the worst bushfire seasons in Australia’s history with over 18,000,000 hectares being destroyed. But this tragedy affected our lives in ways we likely never considered.  

"What I Saw When Australia Burned"

Insights from John Pappas, a New York Times film producer who was tasked with telling the story of this enduring tragedy. His perspective joins the horrors our nation faced with the battle the Americans are currently fighting against the blazes along their western coast.  

Grasping The Size of these fires

It’s difficult to truly grasp just how much damage the 2019-2020 fire season did. The sheer size of these infernos was mind-blowing. This article (published January 31st 2020) while the fires were still raging details the enormity of the fires’ affects in a way that helps us visualise it. 

Meet an incredible all-female Indigenous crew

“We are the lifeline if anything goes wrong, so we have an important role to play, and I think people are generally very grateful for what we do”. A quote from these inspirational mothers & grandmothers who were tasked with defending Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust. 

Life Returning to Australia's forests

Amongst the inferno and destruction the fires have paved the way for the forests to renew once more and give rise to new streams of life. The article captures this incredible process as life is literally sprouting from the scorched earth. 

Operation Rock Wallaby

A heartwarming and faith in humanity restoring story about the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service dropping over 1800kgs worth of carrots and sweet potato for the hungry wallabies down below. 

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